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A synergistic interaction of sight, sound, and crowd motion
SOUNDSCAPE is an ongoing exploration of the BLiNK Project, based upon an unprecedented synergistic interaction of music, visual art, architecture, and sound engineering. It’s basis, is music where scenarios for performance are created, rather than simply arranging musical content. The event last took place in September 2007, at 368 Congress St. in Boston, MA.

Soundscape produced by Savvas Spyridopoulos

Artists Musicians

Piper Brett

Nick Rodrigues

Mike Newby

Sean O’Brien

Reid Drum

Otom Charters-Jaffe

Magaly Ponce

Christy Georg

Julia Knobel

Tim Bearse

Daniel Petraitis

Mark Skwarek

Nathan Wellman

Andy Trench

Paul Carlotto

Joan Mullen

Cameron Shaw

Andy Voelker (musical director)

Owen Curtin (sound engineer)

Michael Vitali (musical direction)

Jeff Charland

John Damian

Steve Fell

Jeff Galindo

Kevin Harris

Dimitri Ishenko

Bridget Kearney

Charlie Kohlhase

Bill Lowe

Bill McCormack

Nir Felder

Joshua Langberg

Chris Punis

Timo Shanko

John Voigt

Yuval Tabachnik

Uri Gurvich

Rob Mitzner

Peter Kenagy

Grayson Farmer

Keala Kaumeheiwa

All photography by Seth Wynne
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