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  Track 1 is from an event where separate groups played along to a remote, lead group.  A classically trained violinist is heard alongside an electric guitar, and various percussion instruments from African, Latin, and Middle Eastern traditions. 

At SOUNDSCAPE 2007, detailed on the SOUNDSCAPE page, musicians were arranged, each only hearing their neighboring musicians.  The style of music was Jazz, as heard in Track 2. 

In Track 3, a 79-string instrument, called a “qanun”, is heard.  The energy and spontaneity here is something we will capture with a larger group in future projects, using both improvisation and orchestrated arrangements.

The guitar and violin in track 4 interact indirectly.  Though separated by a 75-foot corridor, they played along to the same lead group.  They cannot hear each other, but their playing fits together. 

At SOUNDSCAPE, spots with different characteristics of sound draw people in.  Searching for these spots drives people’s social interactions. Conversation with total strangers becomes more natural as people experience this phenomenon together. Their movement throughout the space becomes a key element of the experience.
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