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Slide Show

Soundscape produced by Savvas Spyridopoulos

SOUNDSCAPE 2010.1 - Musicians (red dots) play in 2 clubs simultaneously. A lead group will perform upstairs (green area). Their sound will be transmitted downstairs (blue area), and played on speakers throughout the space. Musicians downstairs will play in synchronization with the lead group’s sound. We are stretching an orchestra out, and you become your own composer/conductor, shaping your musical experience by moving through the space.


Bob Pilkington
(musical director)

Owen Curtin (sound engineer)

Jorn Bielfeldt (assistant director)

Ryan Edwards (assistant director)

Alex Syner

Tom Appleman

John Voigt

Mimi Rabson

Tareq Rantissi

Martin Case

Jussi Reijonen

Kira Meade

Noriko Terada

Noriko Terada

Daniel Weiss

Phil Clements

Video Artist

Magaly Ponce

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